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A Birthday in Community

Tonight we held a birthday party for a friend.  There were 8 people here.  The birthday feast included shepherd's pie, creamed acorn squash, chili, a strawberry jello salad, cottage cheese, and a dark chocolate cake with white icing.  We also played a few games and other activities, although we didn't have a great deal of time since this was a school/work night for several people.

Much to our surprise and delight, several folks had banded together to acquire and transport a pickup truck full of firewood for us, most of it already in convenient stove-size pieces.  Woohoo!  After supper, we all put on our coats and trooped outside to unload the firewood, which only took a few minutes with so many people helping.  ^_^  I love it when community works!

I'll post the recipe for the acorn squash shortly.

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