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My experience with the Torn World Muse Fusion

Yesterday we held our first Torn World Muse Fusion over on torn_world.  I think we had 12 people post prompts and 7 people creating stuff.  There were 94 comments. Wow!  I wasn't sure how much action we'd see for a first-run session, but this is impressive.  Yesterday's post is here.

Personally, I posted a bunch of prompts.  I wrote 2 poems and 3 stories:
"The Brightest Star in the Sky" flash fiction 863 words, a Northern myth, $25 or 25 TW Credits
"Blink birds" Southern poem about wildlife, 10 lines, intended to be publicly visible
"Pickled" flash fiction 872 words, a Southern story about licenses, $10 or 10 TW Credits sponsored by ellenmillion
"The Cost of Tears" Southern poem about betrayal, 16 lines, $6 or 6 TW Credits or 20 TW Karma sponsored by tonithegreat
"Odds and Ends" flash fiction 870 words, Northern story about belonging, $10 or 10 TW Credits (someone plans to sponsor this) sponsored by tonithegreat

Of these, the poem "Blink birds" is intended for public view.  "Odds and Ends" has a sponsor interested, so that one is expected to become publically visible.  The other pieces will probably become "supporters only" perks, visible to people who are putting money into the Torn World economy and thus funding our creative ventures.  All of this, of course, is pending approval from the canon board.  The approval process usually entails some minor edits.  Material can be posted as "canon" or "non-canon" depending on how accurately it fits into the established setting.

Last year, I completed 3 stories.  So yesterday I wrote as many stories in one day as I did all year.  That's not as much total fiction, because the stories are mostly shorter; but for me, finishing a story draft is a really important thing to count.  I start a lot more stories than I finish.  These are small but relatively complete stories: a myth, an important conversation between two age-mates, and a cautionary tale about why Southern license laws are important.  Furthermore, these stories check off my "write 3 stories" goal for 2010, although I will try to keep writing more.  I'm very pleased with the results.

I hope we do this again!
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