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A Batch of Scrapbooked Poems

These are some poems that I scrapped as a Midwinter gift.  They have been delivered already so I can show them to you.  If I were doing these as commissions, they'd all be $5/page except for "Hanes" / History and "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?" / "Different Gifts" which would be $10/page.

Here is "I, Schroedinger" printed on white paper, cut out with craft scissors, and overlain on a background of cat-printed paper.

"Shumáad Delineha" / "Space Flight" is a bilingual poem in Láadan and English.  It appears as a two-page spread, so I'll show you both pages separately and then together.  It was printed on white paper, cut out with craft scissors, then overlaid on starscape paper.

What you can't see with the flash working, so I turned it off to catch the shine, is that I took a clear glitter pen and went over several of the comets and galaxies.  This is a great deal cheaper than paying the current price of $2-3 per page for glitter paper, and almost as cool.

I'm just going to show you the two-page spread of my next bilingual poem, because I plan to do a step-by-step post about it later.  "Hanes" / "History" is written in Welsh and English.  I printed it on ivory paper, singed the edges, and fastened the pieces to a background that looks like a pile of historic papers.  This was a very complicated process because of the singed edges.

For the two halves of "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?" / "Different Gifts" I used three layers.  Each poem is printed on ivory paper, with the top edge decorated using a border punch.  Then each is placed on a mat that matches the opposite  page's color, similar to the heraldic technique of counterchanging.  The matted poems are set on backgrounds showing a magic wand (for "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?") and a castle (for "Different Gifts").  Piecing all this together took a long time.

Back to simple for the end, here is "Applejack" printed on white paper, cut out with craft scissors, and overlain on an apple patterned background.
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