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Hungry Birds

The woodpecker has continued to return several times a day, drilling away at the suet feeder on my office window.  I got a slightly better snapshot of him.

I keep hoping to catch him perched on one of the bushes, but he only stays there for a few seconds.  He's on the feeder by the time I can point my camera at him.

Today, the weather is cold and snowy.  A small flock of sparrows has discovered the feeder.  They're more numerous and more rambunctious, so today my view is full of bird crotches and fanned tails and much squabbling.  They're fun to watch, though.

I've seen the woodpecker once today, so far -- the sparrows gave him the right-of-way without a fuss.
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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