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Holiday Activities

Yesterday I cleaned most of the scrapbooking mess off the table, laid out and cut the pieces for a reversible vest that I'm making for my partner's birthday (not a surprise, since he'll see me sewing it together).  I also got some work done on some stuff that I'm doing for Poetry Fishbowl donors.  Some of the donor gifts are already done, others still in progress.  The proof pages for the nature poetry collection have also been read and sent back to the publisher, yay!  So while I still have mountains of stuff to do, I'm gradually finishing some projects.

Today we're going to visit some relatives for Christmas dinner.  Not my holiday, but I can be flexible; I got my Yule celebration.

Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating it.  The rest of you, fill in the blanks with whatever winter holiday you prefer.  You folks help make my life shiny.
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