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Spine, What Spine?

I am once again disappointed and disgusted with the Democratic Party.  The whole point to having more than one political party is so they will offer different things and give people a choice.  This does not work if one party caves whenever the other pushes.  If we'd wanted to keep doing things the Republican way -- and after the godforsaken mess created by the last 8+ years of Republican rule, I really don't -- then we'd have elected Republicans.  I'm pissed that even after the overwhelming defeat, these bozos are still running the show and still ruining everything that anyone else tries to do.  And I'm pissed that the Democrats in office <i>keep letting them</i>.

This country doesn't need a map to find its ass, because it can't find anything else.

Joe Conason | The Democrats Blinked
Joe Conason, Truthout: "By bowing to Sen. Joseph Lieberman and his obstructive pals in both parties on health care reform, President Obama has confirmed what Republicans always say about Democrats: They simply aren't strong enough to govern. Or at least the Democrats elected last year -- and their colleagues in the Senate leadership -- don't seem to be."
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