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First Lines Meme

I ran across this while looking for something else.  The idea is to quote the first line(s) from your fiction in progress.  So here is a brief tour of some stories in varying stages of completion...

In her thirty-third year, Raheem stepped upon a tarkan,  a place where someone had died. ("Adornments for the Dead")

The sunlight was escaping. ("And To Her We Shall Return")

The Ships descended on wings of silent thunder.  ("A Cacophany of Loss")

Negotiations sputtered to a halt when Licia Blaine shoved a bowl of jerky across the table to the Friskie delegate and said, "Here, bowser, have a chewie and shut up so the rest of us can get some work done." ("Copper's Game")

My job is to make mistakes.  ("Copycat, Copycat")

Why did our core programming have to include love?
  Brien wondered.  Unfair, of course, to blame those long-ago humans for the challenges brought on by emotions, when they had not meant to create silicon personalities in the first place.  (">Delete<")

Fringe-of-Emerald had swallowed a gun.  ("Diving for Pearls")

Fala ran up the path, towing her mother by the hand.  ("Fala the Leader")

The wind blew them into the oasis in the late afternoon.  They rode single-file: Kubraa in the lead on her dark horse Dusk, fleet Chardae and cheerful Bahaar sharing a riding camel, Shaaf the Healer on the gray mare Frond, Nimeh who had once been a prostitute now perched on their pack camel, and the warrior Gulaara bringing up the rear on sturdy Sandstorm.  ("False Sugar, Honest Salt")

It all began when Gertrude Forrester bent down to pick up what turned out not to be a penny, and knocked over her walker.  ("Find a Penny, Pick It Up")

“My career is mulched – hardly even started, and it’s already over!” I said, covering my face so I wouldn’t have to look at my empty message screen.  “Nobody wants to come to your Pangalactic Plant Show, huh?” said my roommate, Twer.  ("Foreign Customs")

In the Summer of Dancing Grass, a strange woman came from the sky riding a flying fish.  ("In the Eyes of the Children")

The corpse-candles guttered in an icy draft, tattered flames casting mad shadows on the wall.  ("The Last Match")

It took four crossbow bolts to pin Eshana to the wall.  ("The Most Dangerous Place")

Anjali Beck sat at the safety board, her slim strong hands sweeping over buttons and touchpads.  Seven screens framed her station.  Each showed her a different part of Verdigris, a separate team of workers on the moon’s surface.  ("Nirvana Moon")

I sold my soul on eBay today. ("¿Que Tiene Tumbao?")

The year that Tessie turned two, things began to happen.  The first thing is that Mama went back to doing magic, which she hadn’t done while Tessie was a baby and needed her all the time.  ("Tessie and the Door")

"My father thinks he raised me wrong, but I can't change his mind from prison," wrote Dandy Man, in response to a question from his girlfriend.  ("Turf")

The day that Amoretta first showed signs of magic, her father’s friends beat her and bound her and locked her in a tiny room at the top of a tower.  ("The Wizard's Wallflower Daughter")

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