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Yule Event Report

We had fun with our Yule event yesterday.  A lot of people arrived late, but we managed to juggle the schedule so that everything got done and we didn't run too much overtime.  We sang holiday carols, exchanged gifts, and shared stories about holiday traditions.  The feast included Egyptian leg of lamb, couscous, eggplant mousaka, rice pudding, pomegranate punch, and spice cake.  We also had a couple of birds carved from apples -- very cute! 

The main ritual was done entirely by candlelight.  We started out with a few altar candles and then lit many more candles around the room.  This ritual had an Egyptian theme, working with Isis, Ma'at, and Horus.  We even had some myrrh resin burning on charcoal.

Today was the cookie exchange, and we just got home from that.  I'm looking forward to sampling the results.
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