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The World as a Village

I think there's a lot of truth in this article:

Jean-Marc Vittori | The World Is a Village Without a Mayor
Jean-Marc Vittori, Les Echos: "More and more, the world is a village. What happens at one end of the planet may directly influence the events that take place at the other end. Technology has turned the world upside down - giving humanity a power to act on nature that is beginning to be visible on a global scale, by making the circulation of people, goods, information and capital incredibly easy. But this village has no town council, much less a mayor, just neighborhood committees jealous of their independence.
This situation is untenable in the long term, but inevitable for now."

... and one reason it's a problem is that so many people have lost (or never learned) a lot of social skills for getting along with other folks.  On the bright side, I think there is a slowly growing awareness of how interconnected nature is, and how interconnected humanity is becoming.  People in America are starting to realize that being without community tends to suck, and taking steps to improve the situation.  I'm seeing more people talking, and especially writing, about community. 

So there is some hope...
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