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Downy Woodpecker Snapshots

As photos go, these are not great, but they do let you see what I'm seeing of the cute little feathered dude peeking in my office window.

This is the first shot I took, right after he landed; he's leaning back so I can see a good part of him.  I shot this from my chair.

I slowly extended my arm to get a closer picture ... here you can see him giving me the hairy eyeball.

These are pictures with my arm fully extended.  This is the most of him I could see in these shots ...

... and here he is drilling into the suet, which also has birdseed in it. 

See what I mean by him being so small that the suet cake almost hides him?  That cake is only about 5" square.

Also there is a small flock of sparrows in that big bush outside the window, along with a pair of cardinals.  I tried taking pictures of them but nothing was really visible.
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal, photography, wildlife
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