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Downy woodpecker sounds like...

... a dog toy.  He lands on the suet cage and goes "Squeak!"  I suppose if I stretched it I could imagine that as a more avian "Cheep!" but it really, really sounds like stepping on a rubber toy.  Then he hammers on the suet and the cage rattles against the window.  I've thought about putting a foam backer on it, but that would make it harder to see the woodpecker -- he's so little that he can hide behind the cake of suet, so much of my view of him is through the corners of the suet cage, unless he sticks his head up -- and would remove one of the arrival signals.

Yes, I've been turning around to watch him every time he shows up.  He's been here about four or five times today.  I was going to try getting a snapshot, but realized that I haven't put the camera program onto the new computer yet.  :P  So now I have to hunt around and hope to find the little disk for that, and then see if I can get a visible shot of the woodpecker.
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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