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The Art on My Walls

Thanks to haikujaguar for this meme, listing the art on your walls.  I'm going to do my office.

West wall is my accomplishments: college diploma and tassel, Sol Magazine Poet Laureate 2003 certificate.  (I had more, but had to take them down to make room for the hutch on the desk.)  There's also a vividly colored braided tapestry the size of a small throw rug, artist unknown.

North wall is pictures that remind me of my characters.  There's a girl with her cat familiar by Susan Van Camp, a dragon in sepia pencil by a family friend (I showed her one of my high school stories, and she came back with the sketch because it matched the story perfectly), another girl by Mark ... I forget his last name.

East wall is friends' art: "Tane" and "Thy Seal to My Heart" my haikujaguar and a carved wooden plate of a unicorn, artist unknown. 

South wall is mostly covered by books, but I did cover the window with a cheap tapestry of a unicorn, artist unknown.

We have much other art in the rest of the house, by artists famous and not famous and unknown.  Some is framed, some not. 

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