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Why Ebooks Suck

caveman_joe explains in gloriously organized detail why ebooks suck, why they should not suck, some things that could be done to make ebooks stop sucking so much, and some features that would be attractive in an online fiction magazine.  If you write cyberfunded material, or would like to; or have anything to do with electronic writing, reading, or publishing; this post is well worth reading.

Not everyone thinks that ebooks suck, which is okay.  I don't think they suck 100% and I don't agree with every single point on this list, but I do agree with most of the points, which is why I almost never read ebooks.  I am, however, really pleased by this list because it will be useful to me if I decide to release some ebooks (which I am considering) and for my ongoing work in promoting cyberfunded creativity (which will hopefully evolve into a website). 

Learning new technology is always a bumpy ride.  This is a rubbing of the bumps on the way to enjoying electronic literature.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, cyberspace theory, networking, reading, writing
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