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Pimp-a-Friend: maryrobinette

Today is Pimp-A-Friend day. LiveJournal is a wonderful place to connect with interesting people. Feature one of your Friends, with a brief description of what makes their journal worth reading, and share the joy. Readers are encouraged to visit the featured journal and/or reply to this message with recommendations of their favorite Friends.

maryrobinette is a science fiction writer who often posts about writing, which is very entertaining.  But that's not the coolest thing on her blog.  The coolest thing is that she is also a puppeteer, and when she posts about that, you will learn all sorts of amazing things about how to make puppets and perform with them.  Plus some wild fun stories about shopping for props and supplies.  It's a whole different flavor of creativity, and I really enjoy it.
Tags: entertainment, networking, pimp a friend, science fiction
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