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Scrapbooked Poems

For those of you wondering what my scrapbooked poetry looks like, here are a few samples.  (Someone tipped me to this page of holiday art pimpage.)  I do these as gifts and for sale, sometimes also as contest prizes. Each page is unique.  Some of the pictures aren't perfect but you should be able to get an idea of what I'm doing.  These papercrafts usually cost $5-10 per page, depending on how expensive the materials are and how long they take to make.

This is "Autumn's Daughter" printed on white paper, overlain with translucent parchment paper cut away to show the text.  This would be a $10 piece because of the fancy (and thus expensive) gilded parchment paper and the finicky cutting.  Making a hole without destroying the paper is a challenge, but it looks cool when finished.

This is "Chance Process" printed on yellow paper, overlain onto a starry background.  This would be a typical $5 piece, two layers of fairly ordinary paper.
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