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Climate Summit: What If ...

I think this cartoon neatly sums up the problem with climate change denial: "What if it's all a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?"

On the blackboard:
energy independence (as opposed to depending on energy from people who hate us)
preserve rainforests (as opposed to cutting and burning them all down)
sustainability (as opposed to living as if there were no limits, on a finite planet)
green jobs (as opposed to jobs that degrade the environment ... or no job at all)
livable cities (as opposed to filthy, overcrowded ones where you can't get by without owning a car)
renewables (as opposed to things we will run out of)
clean water, air (as opposed to contaminated water & air that make us sick)
healthy children (as opposed to ones with asthma, cancer, allergies, birth defects ... or no children at all)

I want a green, blue, thriving, joyful world in which it is possible to make a decent living without destroying the Earth on which our survival depends.  I do not like the society humanity has created.  I am tired of watching greedy powerful people wreck things and poison people and obliterate species for their own personal gratification.  I wish to take part in creating a better world -- not just because we need to do that in order to avoid killing ourselves, because it's the right thing to do and would be a more satisfying place to live. 

If I wanted to wipe out the economy and smash civilization ...

... I wouldn't have to do anything but stand back and watch.
Tags: activism, environment, humor, politics
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