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Holiday Poetry Sale Update

So far, I've made a little money and generated a lot of smiles with the 2009 Holiday Poetry Sale.  Both of the ongoing epics have been fully funded, and some whole poems have been published.  You can read them here:

"The Secret of Gobekli Tepe"
"Skydiving Through Time"
"The Sword from the Foundling House"
"Warning Sine"

This sale runs through Sunday, December 13 and all the leftover fishbowl poems from 2009 are half price.  This is your best chance to buy an epic if you couldn't afford one at full price.  Also, keep an eye on the list because I'm editing it to cross off poems that have already been funded.  If you're buying a poem as a gift for someone, please make sure you tell me who it is for so I can put that in the notes above the poem.  Thus far, recipients of poetic gifts have been delighted.  Happy holidays!
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, holiday, poetry
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