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Poem: "The Secret of Göbekli Tepe"

This poem came out of the March 10, 2009 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by a prompt from ladyqkat and sponsored by Ahmet Yazman as part of the 2009 Holiday Poetry Sale.  Happy holidays, and thank you!

Göbekli Tepe is a real place; people are still arguing over interpretations of it, as you can read here.  The archaeological speculations gave me some haunting ideas ...

The Secret of Göbekli Tepe 

What do you do when your god dies?

You lay him down low on the temple stones,
between the priests who have died of their grief,
and you cover them all with the skins of the sacred foxes.

You bring stones until your fingers bleed, raising a cairn
to bury them – god, priests, foxes, temple, and all – until
the cairn becomes a hill and no hint is visible of what lies below.

Then you walk away, and you try to forget that you ever had a god,
that you were ever among the chosen people, and you hope –
because you can no longer pray – that no one ever digs up the past.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, history, holiday, poem, poetry, reading, spirituality, writing
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