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Crowdfunding Nonfiction?

Recently we've had an ongoing discussion about loneliness, community, social skills, and introverts:
"Loneliness and Fraying Social Fabric"
"Very Basic Steps"
"Friendship Tips for Introverts"
"Role Models for Introverts"

Along through here, I mentioned that I have a previously written class, "Friendship 101," created in response to seeing a lot of folks express a lack of friendship skills.  It's not currently available online, although I'd like to have a venue for offering classes.  I have several dozen  classes, I don't know how many articles, and assorted other bits of nonfiction in my archives.  (The recommended reading lists have been gradually appearing over on Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews.)  mdlbear suggested that I try crowdfunding for nonfiction.  I have previously considered bundling some of my nonfiction into ebooks, or making it available through a "buy this article" site; but I hadn't really thought about doing it with crowdfunding.  Two aspects that particularly appeal to me: 1) being able to keep my older nonfiction in print so that more people can benefit from it, and 2) being able to generate a steady trickle of income from older material, a bit like royalties.

So, I'd like to open a discussion on this topic.  What kind of nonfiction might you like to see from me?  What are some funding options that appeal to you?  Would you be interested in reprints of older material (which I can let you have cheaper, but you only get to pick from available items) or hiring me to write Just What You Need (which would cost more, but be more flexible in topic and form, and tailored to what you-individually or you-collectively ask for)?  What format(s) would you prefer for crowdfunded nonfiction?  Is there anything else that you'd like to request, propose, or discuss about the process or content of crowdfunding nonfiction?

To see examples of my nonfiction, you could simply read my blogs -- I've posted a lot of mini-articles this way, including the loneliness series above -- or you could type "Elizabeth Barrette" into your favorite search engine.  (Fair warning: last time I did this, the first 25 pages of hits were all me, so it can be a real timesink.)  There's stuff of mine online that I wrote years ago for print markets that, apparently, somebody typed or scanned.  I also have some of my earlier articles on my old archive website.  Oh, and you can look at the Amazon page for my book Composing Magic.

Over to you...
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