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EDIT 12/14/09: The 2009 Holiday Poetry Sale is now CLOSED. Thank you for your support!

This year I'm trying something new, suggested by my partner Doug: a holiday poetry sale.  Today through Sunday, my remaining fishbowl poems from 2009 are half price.  Especially check out the epics; many of these are under $20 now and the highest one is only $36, so if you've been yearning for an epic of your very own, now's the time!  For those of you with just a few dollars to spend, there are lots of poems in the $2.50 and $5 range.  If you want to buy a poem as a gift for someone, let me know; I can dedicate it to anyone you wish.

Here is a PayPal button for your convenience, or you may contact me for other options.

Your poetry choices include the following...

Handcrafted Poetry Pages
I print out poems in a nice font on colorful craft paper.  These are suitable for framing or storing in a scrapbook.  If you want to make poetry into a tangible gift for someone special, this is a great way to do that.
Simple construction usually costs $5/page.  Sale price is two pages for $5.
Fancy construction involves more layers or types of paper, stickers or lasercuts that I have to buy special, and other complicated embellishments.  Regular price $10/page, sale price $5/page.

Epic Poems in Progress
The epic poems are currently being microfunded.  They normally cost $.50/line.  Sale price is $.25/line -- that's four lines for a dollar! 

"Warning Sine" is a science fiction poem about the difficulty of communicating across deep time.
50 lines, Buy It Now = $20
Amount donated = $3
Amount remaining to fund fully = $17
Amount needed to fund next verse = $1.50


"Choralia" is a science fiction poem about aliens who speak orchestrally.
78 lines, Buy It Now = $39
Amount donated = $30
Amount remaining to fund fully = $9
Amount needed to fund next verse = $3


Both epics have been FULLY FUNDED!

The following poems are left over from fishbowls throughout 2009.  If you want to see the thumbnail descriptions, you can use the "fishbowl" tag in the right sidebar to find previous fishbowl posts; look in the comments of those posts for hints about the content of unsold poems.  If you don't see a poem that you remember fondly, it may have been submitted to another market, but you can ask me to double-check.

Amazingly, natasiakith has redone the list of poems by month, in order of comments, with the original fishbowl posts linked so that folks can read the thumbnail descriptions in the comments as an aid to selecting poems. Wow, and thanks!

Short Poems
Regular price is $5, sale price is $2.50
"Milestones of Gold"
"The Secret of Göbekli Tepe"
"Skydiving Through Time"

Medium-Short Poems
Regular price is $10, sale price is $5
"Beowulf's Legacy"
"Bracketing the Passage"
"The Bringers of Spring"
"Creatures of Memories and Dreams"
"Extra Sensory Inception"
"Filling the Gap"
"Find the Way Home"
"From Times Long Past"
"Hellfire and Salvation"
"It Takes an Old Man"
"Keeping the World on Course"
"Lost and Found"
"The Lost River"
"Maternal Metamorphosis"
"Olympian Proportions"
"The Plastic People"
"The Promises of Paper"
"Quicker Than the Eye"
"rromani ćhib"
"Shooting the Werewolf"
"The Stars Must Be Crazy"
"Sticks and Stones"
"Traces of Intelligence"
"True to Form"
"Two Wheels, One Road"
"The White Hind"
"Willow Leaves"
"The Work Revealed"
"The World of Small"

* "The Stars Must Be Crazy" features the same setting as the previously published poem "The Sky-Eyes and the Earth-Hearts."

Medium-Long Poems
Regular price is $15, sale price is $7.50
"As They Waited"
"The Barbados Incident"
"The Call of the Cwn Annwn"
"Electronic Arcana"
"The Gray Trade"
"The Gypsy in the Labyrinth"
"The Helm of the Huntsman"
"How Greenpeace Began"
"The Infinite City"
"Language and Lineage"
"A Mosaic of Nations"
"The Myth of Galatea"
"The Narcissus Code"
"Rain in the Sun"
"The Shaman's Journey"
"A Sovereign Design"
"What the Starships Do Not Know"
"The Wind and the Words"

* "What the Starships Do Not Know" is a close companion piece to the previously published poem "The Transformations of Terror." 

Long Poems
Regular price is $20, sale price is $10
"Explain Away"
"The Forest Path"
"Guide Paths"
"How the Goddesses Invented Cyberspace"
"In Coherent Light"
"The Last of the Ancients"
"The Nirvana Pill"
"The Once and Future Island"
"The River City"
"Sail With Me, Lady Washington"
"Testing, Testing 1-2-3"
"The Explication of Christmas Past"
"The Webs of Death"

* "Swallowtide" features the same setting as the previously published poem "The Sugar Sea."

Epic Poems
Regular price is $.50 per line, sale price is $.25 per line.
"The Afghan Planet" -- 67 lines, originally $33.50, SALE $16.75
"The Birth of Purpose" -- 93 lines, originally $46.50, SALE $23.25
"The Caldarari" -- 72 lines, originally $36, SALE $18
"The Changing Rains" -- 64 lines, originally $32, SALE $16
"End in Fire" -- 69 lines, originally $34.50, SALE $17.25
"Firstborn" -- 74 lines, originally $37, SALE $18.50
"The Henchmen's Hitch" -- 106 lines, originally $53, SALE $26.50
"Hungrier Things" -- 63 lines, originally $31.50, SALE $15.75
"The Odd Trio" -- 87 lines, originally $43.50, SALE $21.75
"Shifting the Gears" -- 64 lines, originally $32, SALE $16
"The Songs That Know" --  64 lines, originally $32, SALE $16
"Spider Grandmother and the Lonely Ones" -- 95 lines, originally $47.50, SALE $23.75
"The Sword from the Foundling House" -- 88 lines, originally $44, SALE $22
"The Troll Princess" -- 124 lines, originally $62, SALE $31
"The Wheel of Souls" -- 144 lines, originally $72, SALE $36
"Why There Are Seal Clubbers" -- 65 lines, originally $32.50, SALE $16.25

* "The Songs That Know" feature the same setting as the previously published poem "The Sugar Sea."

If you think that this "poetry sale" idea is cool, but you don't have any money yourself, you can help by posting about it on your blog or elsewhere, or requesting a favorite poem as a holiday gift.
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