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Transparency in Science

This article concerns transparency in science.  I've personally witness enough climate change to be confident of its veracity regardless of the "dubious emails," but I'm generally in favor of more transparency.  Transparent science is good.  Transparent government is good.  Secrecy tends to invite misbehavior.  So maybe something good will come out of all this.

"Climategate": Leaked Emails Push Scientists Toward Transparency
Peter N. Spotts, The Christian Science Monitor: "As delegates for climate talks in Copenhagen, Denmark, prepare to craft the outlines of a new global-warming treaty, a controversy over the hacked e-mails of some climate researchers is triggering calls for greater transparency in the UN body that provides governments with scientific advice on the issue. The e-mails have raised questions about the credibility of some climate researchers' work and revived criticism from those who say global warming is exaggerated. Though most scientists insist the e-mails don't undermine climate-change theory, several call for greater transparency in the field."
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