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Woodpecker for the Win!

I just saw a downy woodpecker on my birdfeeder.  Ironically it's on the hopper feeder (not a type favored by woodpeckers) rather than the suet cage (explicitly provided for the woodpeckers).  But it seemed to be very happy picking out the seeds from one corner, so that's fine. 

I also found a giant suction cup (intended to hang heavy wreaths) that after 4-5 attempts actually stayed stuck to the window, so I hung a birdseed bell from that.  I may pick up another one or two of those suction cups to attach birdfeeders to other windows.  The more I have, the more places the birds have to eat when the cats are skulking around the hopper.

I want to get a large over-the-branch hook and some rope to see if I can devise a better way to hang the big fly-through feeder.  It's currently secured between two branches with string, and not as secure as I would like.
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal
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