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Poetry Fishbowl Report for Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This fishbowl began with a steady flow of prompts that lasted for a while before petering out.  I worked from 11:30 AM to 12:30 AM, so about 11 hours allowing for lunch and supper breaks.  I wrote 15 poems, almost all medium.  There was only one epic and two short poems.  Several form poems appeared along with the free verse ones.

This month brought moderate participation.  Please welcome new prompters natasiakith, my father Anthony Barrette, my partner Doug Edwards, and probably the anonymous person who mentioned "treppenwitz" too.  (I just realized, I got so caught up in the fishbowl, I forgot to post a freebie poem!  Oops.  I think I'll let you pick it, to make up for being late.)  I can put your options for that into the generally sponsored poetry poll.  All told, there were 41 comments including mine.

The following poems have been posted:
"All the Sleeping Heroes"
"Books of the Dead and the Living"
"The Culture of the Earth"
"The Festival of Lights"
"History Returned"
"Stepchild Wit"
"The World We Made"

Epic poem report:
This month we're carrying over two poems, one epic and one long.  Give a cheer for the cosponsors who are microfunding these!

"Choralia" (began microfunding 11/3/09, $9 remaining)
"Warning Sine" (began microfunding 11/5/09, $17 remaining)

All currently sponsored poems have been posted, and I've sent the backchannel copies of the other poems to their respective prompters.  I still need to write a donor perk-post.  I also need to make up a poll for the generally sponsored poetry; you have $5 to spend and an extra freebie to pick out.

December's donors are ellenmillion, nhpeacenik, and janetmiles.  Slow month for donations, but I love you all.  Donors make the CFC world go 'round.  I also appreciate the folks who show up to give me ideas, and who assist with networking.

The poetry fishbowl project has a permanent landing page.
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