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Poem: "The Culture of the Earth"

This poem came out of the December 1, 2009 poetry fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from haikujaguar, and from my partner Doug who threw in a reference to "The Blind Men and the Elephant." The poem was sponsored by janetmiles.

The Culture of the Earth

Six aliens came down to Earth
And parked their cosmic bike.
They all resolved to spend the time
To take a little hike
Across “the culture of the Earth”
To see what it was like.

The first one went to Africa
And therein made his score.
He saw a bigger heap of grief
Than he had seen before,
And said, “The culture of the Earth
Is very like a war!”

The second went to Europe where
He stayed a week at least,
And in the cafés of the land
He sampled bird and beast
And said, “The culture of the Earth
Is very like a feast!”

The third attempted Asia till
The weather called a halt;
The Himalayas stymied him,
Though that was not his fault.
He said, “The culture of the Earth
Is very like a vault!

”Australia was the port of call
The fourth one called his own
But shortly he got pounded flat;
His cover was all blown.
He groaned, “The culture of the Earth
Is very like a stone!”

The fifth to South America
Was beckoned to embark
And there he found compelling things
To chase from dawn to dark.
He swore, “The culture of the Earth
Is very like a spark!”

At last in North America
The sixth made his landfall.
He shopped his way across the states
Till he could hardly crawl,
And cried, “The culture of the Earth
Is very like a mall!”

When they returned to share the tales
Of everywhere they’d been,
They could agree on nothing, not
A single specimen –
And that is the last the Earthlings heard
Of those little green men.

The wives of the explorers soon
Had puzzled out the gist
And when each one stopped laughing, she
Said to her husband, “Hist!
Forget ‘the culture of the Earth’
As it does not exist!”
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