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42 Essential 3rd Act Twists

I bet some of you could've used this last week! Anyhow, here is a list of bizarre plot twists across several genres, courtesy of haikujaguar.

Writing exercise:
1) Roll 2d6. Count from the top down for the first die. Count from the left rightward for the second die. Make a note of the plot twist.
2) Roll 2d6. Count from the bottom up, then from the right leftward. Note the plot twist.
3) Roll 2d6. Count from the top down, then bottom up. Make a note of the plot twist.
4) Use all three of those plot twists, in that order, in a story or poem. Emergency backup: if you can't make #3 work, try counting from the opposite directions to generate a different twist for the finale.
Tags: humor, writing
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