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New Computer, Yay!

My parents have bought me a new computer, somewhat early as a Christmas present, for which I am deeply grateful. We're still in the process of setting it up. I will be very glad to have one that runs at decent speed. Working on this one is like swimming through quicksand.

Setting up a new computer usually involves a certain amount of scramble (more on Doug's part than mine, since he does the setup). We should be able to leave the old one accessible, though, so that I can still do stuff like the Poetry Fishbowl slated for Tuesday. I'll need some time to juggle things around, later -- the new system has Windows 7, which has something like a tagging function for files, so eventually I should be able to dispense with my old workaround of storing multiple copies of poetry and reviews. If I ever get around to tagging the thousands of old files, that is. At least new ones will be easier to handle.
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