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Heroes and Violence

Here is an interesting post about violence in fiction.

It caught my eye because the last story I finished, "Fala the Leader," isn't violent at all. In fact there is very little human violence in Fala's story arc so far. There are threats of nature, because they live in a rather wild land; Fala is well equipped to handle that, but it's still dangerous. There are people getting mad at each other and hurting each other's feelings. But Northerners are bound together in ways that modern folk are not; they depend on each other for survival and they can't afford to lose people. They can't even afford the kind of overwhelming vanquishment of enemies that we often seek -- they need to get along, need to cooperate. It's a very collaborative mindset, which makes it fresh and interesting compared to contemporary life. It's a different flavor, too, than other tribal cultures I've written about, such as Waterjewel. I'm enjoying it.
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