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Banks Against US...

Here is the latest in a long string of articles about bully banks to cross my desk. It's one of the corroborating hits I got from following up a comment on Gaiatribe about Witter Wildlife Refuge being foreclosed.

Since banks don't seem to have much sense of civic responsibility anymore, let's try something else...
1) Instead of putting your money in a bank, put it in a credit union (run by members, including you).
2) If you need to get a mortgage, seek a "halal" or "equity" mortgage instead of a standard bank mortgage. "Halal" is what the Muslims started with for religious reasons, but they're onto a good thing here and other people can follow suit. There are some opportunities in America and Canada, others in Britain.
3) If you can't find a credit union near you, minimize your support of banks by finding other safe places to put your money. A good, secluded stash in your home is pretty secure -- especially since modern banks no longer care much about protecting your money. There are even home safes available.
4) Explore progressive issues and consider voting to take power away from people with more money and leverage than manners, and promote equality instead. Here is one "Progressive Party Platform", another "Progressive Party of America" version (there are also state parties for this), and here is the "Green Party Platform" plus their "10 Key Values." There is more than life to money, and there should be more to society than money, too. So check out these organizations, and if their goals sound like the kind of world you want to live in, please lend them your support.
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