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Being Latino

Here is a good essay on the experience of being Latino in America:

Maria Elena Salinas | Reflections on Being Latino in America
Maria Elena Salinas, Univision.com (Spanish Translation: Ryan Croken): "I finally saw myself on television. And no, I wasn't delivering the news in Spanish. I saw myself represented on CNN's documentary, 'Latino in America,' along with dozens of other Latinos who, like myself, make up the largest minority in this country, 50 million and growing. Soledad O'Brien's documentary, which was broadcast on October 21 and 22, has generated a lot of mixed reviews. I happen to be on the side of those who believe that she and her producers did a magnificent job ... But here's the question: are four hours of favorable programming enough to change the negative perception that some Americans have about Hispanics?"

Of course a single program isn't going to solve America's race problems. However, it's a good step in the right direction. It can make people think. It can invite conversations.

There is much of value in Latino culture. Just to pick one blazing example, on average they are a lot more family-oriented than most Americans these days. And ah, Latino poetry is beautiful. Emplumada is a favorite collection.
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