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Latest Health Care News

These two bits caught my eye:

Pelosi Disputes Reports She'll Drop Public Option
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "The debate to fix the health care ills of the nation took a subtle turn Friday, with Nancy Pelosi disputing reports that she will drop the strongest public option in favor of a weaker one she hopes will garner more support when the Senate votes on the health care bill later this year."

William Fisher | A Simpleton Tries to Understand the Health Care Debate
William Fisher, Truthout: "Over these past months, I have been drowning in seas of data and analysis and opinions and lies and spin about health. But very little of it has actually been about health. A lot of it has been about process, such as the process in the sausage factory through which legislation gets crafted. But mostly it has been about money - money headed for so-called health insurance companies. Now, maybe I have a simplistic mind, but frankly I don't understand why health care and insurance companies keep appearing in the same sentences."

Why? Because the insurance companies are paying huge amounts of money to make that happen, in fear of people realizing that it's possible to can the lot of them and replace "health insurance" with something else, such as "universal health care."
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