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The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poem: "Shadowskin"
This poem came from the October 13, 2009 Poetry Fishbowl. It was prompted by wolfbrotherjoe and sponsored by janetmiles. For this poem I drew on some traditional fairytales, "Donkeyskin" and "Catskin."


She had seen
Her elder sisters flee:
Only she remained
To draw the dark eye
Of their father the king.
So when the black rat
To whom she fed crumbs
Offered her his skin,
The princess declined.
Instead she begged
For his shadow.
She wrapped herself
In its dusky folds
And disappeared
Into the city
Where, unseen,
She spread the plague.

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8 comments or Leave a comment
e_scapism101 From: e_scapism101 Date: October 16th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC) (Link)

I know I just friended you recently, but I find that I'm turning into a flailing fangirl over here.
ysabetwordsmith From: ysabetwordsmith Date: October 16th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC) (Link)

*bask, preen*

I am delighted to be found so captivating!

Watch closely the next few days. I'll be posting the generally sponsored poetry poll shortly, so there will be more poetry appearing.
(Deleted comment)
ysabetwordsmith From: ysabetwordsmith Date: October 16th, 2009 04:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thank you!

That makes me happy to hear.
queenmaggie From: queenmaggie Date: October 16th, 2009 02:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
whoo. good one.
Reminds me a touch of a short story I once read in an anthology: Death was a person who came in the night and took souls, with agony...and one mother stayed up and wrestled him out of his job: break bone fever still kills, but now it comes gently, and with love, to stop the pain....
ysabetwordsmith From: ysabetwordsmith Date: October 16th, 2009 04:57 pm (UTC) (Link)


I remember that one -- "Death and the Ugly Woman," I think it was called. I am honored to have my writing compared to it.
fayanora From: fayanora Date: October 17th, 2009 05:31 am (UTC) (Link)
dormouse_in_tea From: dormouse_in_tea Date: October 28th, 2009 12:26 am (UTC) (Link)
Now, that's my kind of girl!
ysabetwordsmith From: ysabetwordsmith Date: October 28th, 2009 04:18 am (UTC) (Link)


She is a wonderful example of how some victims can turn around and bite the hand that bleeds them.
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