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Poem: "The Calico Fox"

This poem came out of the October 13, 2009 Poetry Fishbowl. It was prompted by miintikwa and sponsored by dormouse_in_tea. The verses are written in haiku format, with 5-7-5 syllables down the lines, chosen to match the Japanese mythology. You can read about the bake-neko and kitsune on the Obakemono Project.

The funny thing is, I got this from reading the email notification, which had "Bake-neko kitsune" all on one line. If I'd read the LJ version, on two lines, I would have split up the characters. But I love how this wicked little lady turned out, and I think you will too!

The Calico Fox

these are her colors
dappled in random patterns
black and white and red

these are her nine tails
five feline and four vulpine
swishing behind her

these are her nine lives:
cat, fox, poet, wife, geisha,
nun, maid, sage, empress

these are her lovers
displayed in their glass cases
all their bones licked clean

they made the mistake
of remarking, one by one,
“My dear, how you’ve changed.”
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, ethnic studies, fantasy, fishbowl, poem, poetry, reading, writing
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