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Flunking School

This article caught my eye today:

Educated and Ignorant
Only one in four Oklahoma high school students can correctly name the first president of the United States, according to a survey released Friday.</div>
The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs conducted the survey to find the students' basic knowledge of civics, Tulsa World reported. Students were asked 10 questions taken from the U.S. citizenship test.
The passing rate for Oklahoma high school students was 2.8 percent. About 92 percent of candidates pass the test for U.S. citizenship. Take a sample citizenship test below the video.

I took the sample test and scored 7 correct out of 10 questions. By my personal standards, that is moderately crummy. On the other hand, I haven't taken a civics class in years and I was answering these off the top of my head without studying. If I needed any of the information, I could easily find it; and if I was going to take a serious test, I darn well would study for it.

I think that a lack of awareness as to America's history and its proper functioning is contributing to problems today. I find it rather alarming that incoming citizens are doing so much better on that test than natural-born citizens. Our schools are not doing a very effective job of educating students, and many of the "reforms" are making things worse instead of better.