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Poem: "The Moon in a Silver Cup"

Here is today's freebie poem, courtesy of a prompt from jolantru. It is a true story. Sometimes the old tales are made new again, for they live in us and we give them shape through our lives.

The Moon in a Silver Cup

Old were the folktales,
Sweet on my lips as honey,
And when he said to me,
“What do you desire?”
I could not resist.

I said to him,
“Bring me the Moon in a silver cup,”
Thinking him wise enough
To know the old answer to the folk riddle.

Instead he brought me a coin –
No larger than my thumbnail,
Minted with maria on one side
And wee words on the other
Telling its own tale –
A coin struck from silver
That had flown around the moon.

And my heart overflowed.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, poem, poetry, reading, romance, writing
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