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Midsummer Celebration

This Sunday, we hosted a ritual for Litha (Midsummer). It focused on the Tarot card of the Sun, with its interpretation of happiness and success. Before the ritual, we discussed various successes in our lives and things that make us happy. For the ritual itself, we called the Quarters using symbols of the four Tarot suits (sword, wand, cup, coin) and times of day relating to the Sun. Then we read the poem "Desiderata," dividing its verses among eight people. We did a circle dance and chant to raise power for charging people's Tarot decks on the altar. Finally, we served communion and then released the circle.

I chose "Desiderata" for this ritual because it seemed to match the solar qualities of happiness and success. It's so easy in today's world to lose track of the things that really matter in life. This poem is a paean to spiritual and practical contentment. I've always loved it. My parents have a copy of it carved on a very large wooden sign hanging in their house. It's been in our family since I was little, and I often look at it when I feel down. It reminds me what's really important. So I like to share it with other folks. It was very interesting, in designing the ritual, to see who chose which verse to read! (In case you're curious, I read the first verse.) If you've never encountered "Desiderata" before, you should follow the link and read it. The title literally means "things to be desired" or "essential things."

This was one of our more lighthearted rituals. Over the year, we vary the tone and intensity, culture of origin, and whether or not the ritual concentrates on a specific deity or more abstract themes. We had two people attending ritual with us for the first time, so this made a nice introduction. Because it was a daytime ritual held after a coffeehouse meeting, we also decided to collect funds and send someone into town for carry-out food, instead of holding a potluck Feast. That worked very well -- we'll probably do it again occasionally. On the whole, I'm pleased with how Litha went.
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