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Brave New Films Hits The Healthcare Industry Hard

I'm impressed with this video which presents some of what's wrong with the health care industry in America today. Specifically, it reveals how much money some of the top executives make, and compares these amounts to the cost of health care denied by the insurance company. One number that caught my ear was the president of UnitedHealth Care making one out of every $700 spent on health care. This is a ruthless demonstration of how the industry leaves people to suffer and die so that CEOs can live in luxury. It is much like an aristocracy of abused serfs and parasitic nobles, only one based more on money than genealogy (although current marriage practices of the rich are aimed at concentrating their wealth through dynastic means).

If you are among the lucky insured ... this is the system your money is supporting. If you or someone in your family suddenly becomes ill or injured, do you believe that your insurance agency will promptly and agreeably pay for all medically necessary goods and services? Or will they simply pocket all the money you've given them and ignore your pleas for help? Imagine arguing with a penny-pincher for the life of your child. And then realize that it is not imagination, but brutal reality for many Americans today. Realize that if you have been well served by your insurance company, as some people have, you are lucky. Will you stay lucky forever?

This is not how I want my country to be. Profiting from the suffering and death of others is evil. Not only does it spread illness and death, it also damages the people who profit from it, because dehumanizing and mistreating human beings is soul-rotting. A society that treats people as commodities, whose value is measured only by their wealth, is not a very safe or healthy place to live. We can do better than this. If America wants to "be #1" then we had better catch up to the rest of the civilized nations who have already figured out various ways to provide health care to all their citizens, all of which cost less than the wretched mess we are currently supporting.

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