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The Adventures of Fagbug

This article popped up on Nicola Griffith's discussion group:

Erin Davies got an unexpected response to the rainbow sticker on her Volkswagen Beetle. Davies, living in Albany, N.Y., saw that someone had taken the gay rights message as an opportunity to add an another message. In red spray paint. And crazy letters. The culprit, whoevever it was, scrawled "fAg" and "u r gay" across the hood and driver's side of her car. Instead of removing the graffiti, Davies decided to take her bug on a 58-day cross-country tour and make a documentary about it.

First, I'm digusted (though not suprised) by yet another example of homophobia in America.

Second, I'm cheered by Erin's valor in showcasing the incident.

Third, I'm amused by yet another example that bigotry and brain cells don't mix.
Tags: activism, gender studies
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