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The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poetry Fishbowl Open!
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ysabetwordsmith From: ysabetwordsmith Date: January 16th, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

East Meets West

In another community, talithakalago posted:

Sestinas are my favorite poetry format. So that is going to be my
first suggestion of the day.

And to get the ball rolling, my second is going to be Janus and Vesta.

Well, they fared a *little* better this time. I combined Janus and Vesta with a previous request for haiku from lizamanynames, and Lugh from geek_dragon. The result is a set of 8 haiku about:

Buddha and the camera
Buddha in a Zen garden
Lugh in a Zen garden (see below)
Janus in a Zen garden
Vesta and Kuan Yin
Loki and kabuki
Pah, Buddha, and Selu
a snow-filled keyhole as metaphor for the mind

Any one haiku: 3 lines, Buy It Now $5
Whole page: 24 lines, Buy It Now $10

* * *

in the Zen garden
there is nothing to be done
Lugh mumbles, “I’m lost.”

* * *

estaratshirai From: estaratshirai Date: January 16th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: East Meets West

I...love this one. It needs to be a T-shirt.
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