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Poem: "The Last of the Ancients"

This poem was very loosely inspired by prompts from mtrose2, ellenmillion, and wyld_dandelyon plus the shared-world setting Torn World. (It is a Torn World poem, but it has not yet been judged for canon status.) It was sponsored by ellenmillion. The layout of the poem is very scattered, so I hope it shows up well in LJ.

The Last of the Ancients
– a Torn World poem

It was a grand life we lived
and our civilization was mighty.
We poured the hours
through our hands like so much sand.
Because we did not count them,
we forgot that each was infinitely precious –
and the universe, in the end,
was not immune to our brutality.

Time shattered around us


through memories





that sliced

       our souls


       our bodies.

Air burned.
Stone boiled.
Animals writhed and died.

Existence frothed and bent,

       too much pressure

released all at once


bubbles everywhere
paralyzing the joints
of eternity.

Agonized stillness.

We huddled together

                     lost souls
                            on the shore
                     of the afterlife

pitifully grateful

that we were
already dead.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, networking, poem, poetry, reading, science fiction, writing
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