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How Education Is Failing Everyone

This article looks at why education is not only failing our children, but everyone.

William Astore | Selling Education, Manufacturing Technocrats, Torturing Souls
William Astore, TomDispatch.com: "Hardly a week goes by without dire headlines about the failure of the American education system. Our students don't perform well in math and science. The high-school dropout rate is too high. Minority students are falling behind. Teachers are depicted as either overpaid drones protected by tenure or underpaid saints at the mercy of deskbound administrators and pushy parents."

When I was teaching at an online school, I made a point of including some "life skills" classes, art and music classes, etc. to offer as well-rounded an education as possible. It was a chance to make up for the patchy job done by public schools. And believe me, I saw exactly how patchy that education has gotten.
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