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Tree Frog

Actually, THREE tree frogs! 3q3q3q :D !!!! I spotted the first two through the door, then when I went outside, I found the third one much higher up.

These are the two on the storm door. One is gray and one is green. Again, I thought they were both green until I got better light on the gray one. You can see they're initially head up. They're skittish, though, so the later pictures are head down. They don't like having the light on them or me moving around.
Two tree frogs, one gray and one green, are clinging to the storm door.

This is the third frog, another green, clinging to the door frame high up near the porch light.
This green tree frog is clinging to the door frame, high up near the porch light.

The green one on the glass has turned head down. This picture shows how bright green they really are.
This is the green tree frog clinging to the glass.

So has the gray one.
This is the gray tree frog clinging to the glass.

That makes the count 6 green and 4 gray, 8 of them this year. I literally just saw more tree frogs at once than I saw before this year -- add the one from earlier today (which might be the same as one of these, though I think it was smaller) and that's twice as many.
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