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Fieldhaven Flowers & Fruit

Late spring (and a lot of rain) bring flourishing jungles of life here in central Illinois.

Near end of bloom: lily of the valley, white spirea, violets, black raspberries, white columbine

Full bloom: honeysuckle, rugosa roses (dark pink and white), red clover, poppies, wild strawberries, chives, comfrey, petunias, marigolds, blue lobelia, pansies, torenia, moss rose, snapdragons

Did you know that chive blossoms are little pink balls of tiny flowers and they don't smell oniony but rather powdery-sweet?

Beginning bloom: blackberries, iris, white peonies, million bells

Green fruit: pie cherries, wild strawberries, saskatoon serviceberry, Criterion apple, mulberry, black raspberry

The black raspberries along the south edge of the ritual meadow are covered with tiny green berries. If nothing kills them, gods and weather willing we will have mucho fruit there in a few weeks.

Uncut sections of grass are hip-high on me now. We are mowing large parts of the butterfly meadow so it can be raked and de-thatched. This part of the yard is usually allowed to grow tall grass and wildflowers such as Queen Anne's lace, thistle, and milkweed for benefit of wildlife.

The upside-down tomatoes are mostly thriving. They have not flowered yet. Interestingly, the Black Prince has begun to flourish vigorously after a slow start; it was the biggest of the transplants except for the Sweet 100 Cherry (which barely survived, but looks less pathetic now). Most of my herbs are thriving. Miraculously, none of the basil has died on me yet! The thyme that I sowed as seed is about half an inch high now. The rosemary caught a fungus and died horribly, though -- and I know it wasn't just me, because 1) usually I grow rosemary quite well, and 2) I saw many other rosemary plants by that same company with the same fungus. I'm peeved because I cook with rosemary a lot, and I was going to try and overwinter it indoors this time. And nobody seems to have rosemary plants from a different company this year. *snrk* Perhaps I shall see if there is seed still available.

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