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Today is sunny and warm.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and doves.

I started trimming grass around the septic garden.  The butterfly milkweed is starting to go to seed.  I'll need to collect some to plant in other places.

Another petunia is blooming, this time in the container garden, bright red-violet.  :D 

EDIT 8/5/21 -- I gathered one pod of butterfly milkweed seeds and planted them near the telephone pole.

Also, I think I may have a pawpaw seedling leafing out at the edge of the savanna.  They are the fussiest trees to transplant, I've never had any luck before, and after the godawful clusterfuck of shipping, this  is the year one decides to sprout?  Must be a coyote tree.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife

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