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Poem: "Taken"

This is today's freebie. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] siberian_skys, [personal profile] siliconshaman, [personal profile] janetmiles, and Anonymous. It belongs to the LIFC series.


What Clint loved about JARVIS
was not having to spell out
everything in words.

JARVIS was good at
observing what Clint liked
or wanted or needed, and
then providing that without
Clint having to ask for it.

His favorite snacks were
just always there, and if he
ripped a shirt, a replacement
would appear within hours.

JARVIS even noticed that,
while Clint wore T-shirts too,
he preferred tank tops.

A few new ones had
shown up unexpectedly.

One read, Sorry, I'm taken.
Please fuck off forever

Then there was a matched set,
one of WALL-E, the other of Eve.
Clint wore WALL-E, while Eve
hung on wall from a metal hanger.

That said everything that needed saying.

What JARVIS loved about Clint
was Clint's generosity in sharing
his understanding of emotions
and human body language.

JARVIS could feel well enough,
he just couldn't always interpret
what other people were feeling.

Clint was a spy, and before that,
a performer, and quite good
at pinpointing emotions.

He never seemed to mind
if JARVIS suddenly sent him
a clip from a security camera
or a teleconference or whatever.

Clint just typed, He's discouraged,
or She's unsure, and once, He's
got a plastic knife up that sleeve

He even explained how he
knew all that stuff, if JARVIS
wanted the further details.

Clint saw everything, but
most of all, he saw JARVIS.

That made all the difference.

* * *


This is Clint's "Taken" tank top.

Here are the WALL-E and Eve tanks. Couple tops are almost always framed as male/female, unless you go out of your way to find a queer supplier. In this case, both Clint and JARVIS are male, but they share a love of the same movie and agree on their respective character matches. JARVIS is sufficiently secure in his masculinity that he doesn't mind wearing Eve.
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