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Values in Television

Here's an interesting look at values in pop culture television over 50 years. You can see what goes up and down in importance.

Researchers also point out that shows, whether scripted or reality, are misleading in that they don't really reveal the value of hard work that it takes to achieve fame, especially for an average person. This is a crucial shortcoming, considering that tweens form lifelong belief systems during these years based on what they perceive as desirable to achieve in the future.

One of my favorite parts in the movie Brave is the mounted archery course. All the arrows sticking in and around the targets indicate that Merida makes a frequent habit of practicing. It's also a well-designed course, with a variety of height and size and presentation, along with some moving targets. Compare this to most shows; they rarely show teaching or practice, and when they do, it's often bad.

I like looking at how characters develop, so when I'm writing character evolution, I try to show how and why they got that way. Training scenes can be really interesting if you look at ways of learning and honing skills.
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