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Today is sunny and mild.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and doves.  I saw Bob and another squirrel on the hopper feeder early this morning, chasing each other.  I saw a male goldfinch in the yard.

Before supper, I picked half a bag of mulberries.

After supper, I picked a handful of black raspberries.

EDIT 6/22/21 -- I picked up a trolley of sticks in the south part of the ritual meadow.

EDIT 6/22/21 -- I moved some of the kindling from the pile on the grass to the rack on the patio.

EDIT 6/22/21 -- I watered wildflowers in the prairie garden.

I saw several bats swooping above the driveway, hopefully eating their weight in insect pests.  :D  Sometimes on a quiet night, I can hear them clicking and squeaking.  Tonight,  a breeze is whispering in the trees, so I couldn't even hear the flitter of their busy little wings.  But I was very happy to see them.  <3 bats.

As it is dark and I'm tired, I am done for the night.
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