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Today is sunny and warm.

I fed the birds.  I've seen doves, sparrows, house finches, a robin, a male rose-breasted grosbeak, and a male goldfinch.  :D

I cleared four spaces for sunchokes in the prairie garden.

EDIT 5/14/21 -- I planted 4 Red Diversity Sunchokes in the prairie garden.  There is 1 extra.

The crows are harassing the owl again.  I saw the three of them fly out of the trees edging the prairie garden, and when I went back to the house they were in the Two Sisters at the east end of the south lot.

EDIT 5/14/21 -- I spread compost around the newly planted sunchokes.

It's like the crows have nothing better to do all day than harass that poor owl.  This time, as the pair were chasing it around the yard, a third  crow flew in from the north field to join the fray.

EDIT 5/14/21 -- I planted the extra leek in the wildflower garden.

If I have counted correctly, there are 2 white sunchokes and 1 red sunchoke left, plus the potted blackberry.

EDIT 5/14/21 -- I cleared 3 spaces in the prairie garden for the extra sunchokes.

I have seen red, yellow, and blue birds in the forest garden today!  :D  Red: cardinal, house finch, rose-breasted grosbeak.  Yellow: goldfinches.  Blue: bluejay.  Also doves, sparrows, robins, and a squirrel.

EDIT 5/14/21 -- I cleared a space to plant the blackberry at the western edge of the prairie garden.

EDIT 5/14/21 -- I spread compost around the leeks in the wildflower garden.  I also labeled a white sunchoke that didn't get done earlier.

As it is getting dark and I am tired, I am now done for the night.
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