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Today is mostly sunny and warm with fluffy white clouds and a light breeze.  :D

I fed the birds.  I've seen doves, sparrows, house finches, a robin, and a male goldfinch.

I planted 5 leeks in the prairie garden. There is 1 extra leek.  I may put that in the wildflower garden.  Very nice oval bulbs, about thumb size.  \o/

EDIT 5/13/21 -- I cleared 4 spaces to plant sunchokes in the prairie garden.  They're supposed to be in packages of 4 roots but last time I got more.

EDIT 5/13/21 -- I put compost around the wild ginger and white violet from yesterday.

5/13/21 -- I planted 4 white Diversity Sunchokes in the prairie garden.  There's at least one left in the bag but I didn't have the energy to count or plant more.

5/13/21 -- I spread compost around the leeks and some of the sunchokes in the prairie garden.  

Celandine poppy has a bud just showing yellow.  :D

I found a wrecked bird nest in a bush.  As there has been no high wind, I suspect that a nest-robber tore it apart to the get the eggs.

It is getting dark and I am worn out, so I am done for the night.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife

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