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Today is sunny and warm.

I fed the birds.  I've seen a small flock of doves, several house finches, and a brown thrasher.  A robin shrieked at me while I was refilling the feeders.

My first shipment of live plants has come, this one from Oikos Tree Crops.  >_<  Optimum planting season for dormant things here is mid-March to mid-April.  Now in mid-May, the grass is knee-high where it hasn't been mowed and a bitch to dig through.  Every damn thing except one package of sunchokes is fully leafed out, which means 1) it all has to be planted as soon as possible, and 2) it's less likely to survive anyway.  Just to make things extra pesky, only some of the items were actually labeled and I had to extrapolate the rest by comparing appearance against the shipping manifest.  For fucksake people.  And regrettably, Oikos is the only place to get a lot of what they sell, which is proprietary cultivars and uncommon edibles or wildflowers.

Anyhow, I planted 1 'Edible White' Wild Violet, and what was supposed to be 2 Canadian Wild Ginger turned out to be 4, in the forest garden outside the kitchen window.   (I'll give Oikos credit for one thing, they often throw in more than I ordered of bagged roots, to the tune of half again or twice as much.)  I also dug up and potted a couple of catnip plants for a friend.  The stuff is naturalized here and bees love it as well as cats do. 

EDIT 5/12/21 -- Flock of goldfinches!  I saw 2 males and 1 female in the forest garden eating seeds.  :D

EDIT 5/12/21 -- I put jug covers and labels on the extra Canadian Wild Ginger plants, and I planted a leek in the wildflower garden.

EDIT 5/12/21 -- I cleared spaces to plant more leeks in the prairie garden.

Wild strawberries and black raspberries are blooming.  Blackberries have buds.  Mulberries have green fruit.
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