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Poem: "Deep and Wide"

This poem came out of the May 5, 2009 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from janetmiles (bouncing off of a different prompt by wyld_dandelyon), jenny_evergreen, and ladyqkat. It was sponsored by janetmiles and ladyqkat.

Deep and Wide

“I am the traveler,”
she said,
“and my home is the road.”

“I am the urbanite,”
he said,
“and the city is my home.”

“I bring salt from the sea
and spices from afar,”
she said. “Will you trade?”

“I bring meat from the land,
and savory vegetables,”
he said. “Will you trade?”

There in the market square,
the traveler and the urbanite
traded their wares.

They shared stories,
laughing over the wonders
that each had discovered.

“I run wide,” she said.
“Each place tells me new things
About the day before me.”

“I run deep,” he said.
“Each day tells me new things
About the place beneath me.”

So the traveler spent the night
In the urbanite’s bed, where
They made love sweet and wild.

In the morning they parted,
Their fond hands lingering
To the fingertips before letting go.

“I will always leave you,”
she said,
“but I will always return.”

“I will always be here,”
he said,
“for you to return to.”

And so they lived,
meeting and parting
like the tides and the beach.

And so they loved,
deep and wide,
bounding the world together.
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